About Us

How it all started

Mardo Grafix Studio started in 2006 with a young couple that had a passion for design and creativity.  We were looking to make our mark in the real world by working from our garage and using the dining room as an office.  Having little to work with but a couple of tools, a laptop and a camera; we’ve since evolved into a well-oiled machine with an equipped workshop,  printing equipment and an even greater passion for art.  We have grown from merely doing some design and framing to an online business specializing in picture hanging & art installations as well as fine art framing.

We want You to be Satisfied!

We pride ourselves in traditional hard-work and dedication to clients and aim to convey a strong sense of quality, creativity and satisfaction in every project we work on.

We look forward to working with you and assisting with the creative development of your project, whether it’s a simple picture frame or a complex art installation; we’re here to help.